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I am a former software test engineer. I took an early retirement in Aug. 2007 and I'm still retired, but may go back to work.

I'm interested in railroads, science fiction, and photography.

I have been pursuing cohousing for 17 years. I have been pursuing it mainly because I want to live in a place that has a strong sense of community. I have had a really hard time achieving this in living arrangements other than cohousing.

Some other reasons why I'm attracted to cohousing are the better architectural design of the residences and being able to live in a multi-family residence where I look out on walking paths and green fields and not on parked cars.

I first heard of Mosaic Commons in 2004 and began seriously pursuing it in Jan. 2009. I moved here in Oct. 2009. So far things have been going very well.

Catriona and Alex

Catriona Hughes works as a research archeologist for the Institute for Aegean Prehistory. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College and grew up in Madison, New Jersey. A avid reader, her interests are: the SCA, Kung-Fu, Western martial arts, stained glass, sewing, beading, knitting, book binding, WoW, blogging, gardening, and tree-hugging.

Alex Hughes is still defining himself and is busily building neural pathways to express his personality. Hobbies: late night opera. Interests: power cords, spoons, and other people. He is very excited about co-housing.

Dennis, Lucia, Benjamin, Elliott, Willow, Fiona and Malcolm

Lucia: I am mostly Stay at Home/homeschooling Mama of four wonderful children. I work part time as a Peer Lactation Counselor and hope to get my IBCLC certification sometime in the future. I am also a professionally trained singer and love music. My other interests include SCA, knitting/crocheting, cooking, sewing and I'm a compulsive only researcher. I found out about Cohousing 6 years ago when I saw an ad for Mosaic Commons and am thrilled to finally move in!

Elliott: I'm 7 years old and I love volcanos, spiders, snakes and bats. I have a pet corn snake names Onyx. I have been homeschooled my whole life and I love learning, especially if it's about Volcanos. Did I mention I love Volcanos and I want to be a volcanologist when I grow up?

Fiona: I'm an Identical twin and I love my sister. I'm 6 years old. I love rocks, and I have a big rock collection including some really pretty sparkly ones. I also love horses and would like to learn to ride them. I am homeschooled and I'm learning to read. I want to be a geologist when I grow up and I'm scared of volcanos. I also love Disney Princesses and My Little Ponies.

Willow: I am 6 and I live with my twin sister and two brothers. I would like to be a Doctor like my uncle one day. I love ballet and dancing. Like my sister I also love princesses and My Little Ponies. I'm homeschooled and my favorite thing to do is draw and paint, but I also love learning to read and tell time.

Malcolm: I'm 3 and I love video games, especially legend of Zelda. I sometimes like to be called Link and I have my own foam sword. I love my Big Brother, even though he plays to rough and I love my sisters too. I love letters and reading. I LOVE getting into mischief, so don't let my innocent face and blond curls fool you! I'm looking forward to catching frogs and snakes once we move in.

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Jana and Luka

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Perley, Sandy, Alexei & Mike (Mischka)

Sandy: I'm Sandy Altucher, and before Mosaic I lived in Lancaster, Massachusetts, in a house that was way too big for us. Living with me are my husband Perley, my two sons Alexei, born in 1996, and Mischka, born in 2000, and four cats. I was a software engineer for sixteen years, but left the corporate world in 1998 to take care of my mother, and have not looked back. I now work part-time at the Lancaster library.

I first heard of cohousing in 1992, when some friends were trying to start a group in Rhode Island, but I wasn't ready to take the plunge until 2006, when I found out about Mosaic Commons. My hope for cohousing is for my kids to have a pack to hang out with. Ditto for me. I enjoy cooking, reading, playing Scrabble (and many other games), playing piano, and having interesting conversations. My Myers-Briggs type is INFP.

Perley: Hello, I'm Perley B. C. Mears Jr. (yeah a mouthful), and I live with my wife Sandy in Mosaic. I've got a couple of great boys, see above for stats, and a wide variety of interests. I shifted companies when we moved, but I worked for Sun Microsystems for 10+ years, and spent 25+ years in the computer industry. Among my interests are computers, gadgets, dancing, singing, origami, string figures, roller skating, aerobics, basketball, ...

I first heard about cohousing from my wife Sandy when I met her, but wasn't ready to give up what seemed like a lot of control. I've since matured, yay, and gotten a better understanding of the cooperative process in cohousing. I'm also very ready for more community, and I think it will be great for Alexei and Mischka. When we moved into our recently sold home, I swore never to move again, but this time I'm in a community I look forward to growing old in, not just a home to live at. My Myers-Briggs type is somewhere between ENFJ and INTJ.

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Ross & Scott

Ross: I live with my husband Scott, Eris (cat) and Jake (dog). I am a software developer/analyst for a company based out of Portland, ME. I've been doing software and database development for more than 15 years and I enjoy it immensely. I currently work from home and I like having so many friends nearby. I like to read (fantasy, science fiction, romance), hike, play cards and other tabletop games, ride my motorcycle and relax.

Before moving to Mosaic I felt very trapped. I worked from home and never really saw another soul other than my housemates. Now I have great neighbors to interact with and a wonderful environment to enjoy. I've been involved with Mosaic since October 2009.

Jake: Hi, I'm Jake. I like to walk. I live with my owners Ross & Scott as well as two other annoying creatures that don't like playing with me enough. I like to walk, run, walk in the woods, eat, play with my ball and walk. Oh! I really like walking. In my free time I take long naps on the floor or on the couch. I like Mosaic because there are lots of people here that pet me. I like to walk.

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Tim, Ellen, Morgan, & Quinn

Tim: I'm a software engineer for Google in Cambridge. Before we moved into Mosaic, I lived with my spouse, Ellen, and two kids, Morgan and Quinn, very close to my parents in Carlisle. I have no other siblings or immediate family. My biggest hope for cohousing is a place for our kids to run around safely and where they feel part of a community that cares for their welfare. I like living as part of a larger community, and not feeling isolated from close friends.

I don't have time for hobbies, because I have children. But I see movies when I can, ride my bike as often as possible, and juggle. I found out about cohousing through Cat B., and have been involved with Mosaic since the summer of 2003. Personality: xNxP.

Ellen: I'm a childbirth educator and doula, writer and editor, secular homeschooler, partner, and activist. For a decade I lived with Tim, our kids Morgan and Quinn, and assorted pets in Carlisle; I enjoyed my big house in the woods, but missed the sense of community I once felt living near friends in the city. I'm really grateful to have a village around us now that Mosaic is a reality — and I love being able to plan and execute gourmet dinners for forty!

I'm now homeschooling my kids in addition to running multiple businesses and volunteering for Mosaic. In my exceedingly limited spare time, I read, sing, do genealogy research, and study languages. Like Tim, I've been involved with Mosaic since the summer of 2003. I invariably fall on two boundaries when I take the Myers-Briggs, so I'm an xNFx.

Quinn is ten years old, and lives with his mom and dad and brother Morgan. He recently left the Berlin Memorial School to homeschool with his brother, and enjoys reading Fox Trot comics, rock-climbing with Dad, swimming at Granny & Grandpa's house, and battling his neighbors with Nerf weapons.

Morgan is nearly fourteen and chose homeschooling in the fall of 2010. He enjoys hanging out with Mike and Andy, and gets to see them a lot when they get home from school!

He likes art, science, reading, swimming, and roleplaying games, but "what is really important about me is that I like art." Combining his interests in art and Mad Science, he plans to become an inventor.


I’ve been interested in cohousing for the past 18 years. I met two of my dear friends through a cohousing group back in the early Nineties and now here I am, sharing the joys of life with my wonderful new friends here at Mosaic. It’s a dream come true: connection, support, safety, privacy, spontaneous social gatherings, lots of interesting conversation, and (of course) great food. I’m here for the long haul and look forward to each day living in community.

I love what I do for work; I’ve been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for the past 24 years, and I work part-time at Trader Joe's. My passions in life are talking with and helping people, and sharing ideas.

In my leisure time I enjoy being with my son Brett and all of my family and friends; kayaking, hiking, exploring new places, and being in nature; music, making and viewing art, watching movies, and playing board games and ping-pong; cooking and eating; dogs, dogs and more dogs; napping, learning, holistic health, spirituality, and peace and quiet.

I’m an INFP.

Dave & Mariama & Zach

Dave: a Professional Computer Geek. Before Mosaic I lived with Cat and my son Zach, in Natick. Cat "forced" me to go to the Cohousing Conference at Pioneer Valley in 1999 and I was hooked.

My particular hobbies vary depending on the season and my mood. I do a lot of things, and being around other motivated folks really enables me to do the things I enjoy. Everything from doing general work (like building fences, mowing, painting, other woodworking), through supporting all the little projects the community has. For myself, I love playing guitar, bike-riding, skiing, sailing, and taking nice long hikes on our 65 acres of land. INTP.

Zach was born in 1998, and has been involved in cohousing for most of his life. Zach attended the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, and now attends Hampshire College.

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Mike, Victoria, Julius, Soren, Vivianna and Savanah

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San, Kai, Emma & Pascal

SanSan: I'm a trained psycholinguist but did not have a strong interest in teaching, so I left academia for the software world, where I now do analytical quality assurance. Before Mosaic, I lived with Kai, Emma and Pascal, and two cats in Cambridge; I liked being able to walk to work, the library, and stores, but I disliked not knowing my neighbors well and having a tiny garden.

I became interested in community during college — I went to two fairly small schools, Simon's Rock (not at the same time as Cat) and Hampshire. I found out about cohousing while living in Amherst, MA, as Pioneer Valley Coho was forming.

My biggest hope for cohousing is to have an easier time creating a fulfilling social life for myself and my family members. I've been involved with Mosaic Commons since its pre-beginnings in the fall of 1999. Hobby-wise, I like to garden, knit, cook, and play. I enjoy contra dancing, but rarely make it to dances these days. I love to sing, especially campfire songs and choral pieces, and once upon a time I played piano and guitar. I am hoping that now that we're moved in there will be more time for music in my life. My favorite element is water.

PS: San is short for Susanne. Personality: INxx.

Kai: I'm a professor of linguistics at MIT. I am very much an introvert (INTP). I thrive teaching my field (formal semantics of natural language) and writing about my scientific research. Before Mosaic, I lived with my family — San, Emma, and Pascal — in Cambridge. I was born and raised in Germany. I came to the US for graduate school (UMass Amherst). I loved living in the city, but cohousing makes suburbia palatable. I found out about cohousing from my wife, San.

My biggest hope for cohousing is to build a great place to live. I've been involved since the inception of this group in January 2000. I have spent a lot of time and energy on making our dream a reality. It will happen. In my barely existent spare time, I like running (although I would prefer spending much of that time on playing soccer), doing quite a few more or less geeky things with my computers, watching sports (baseball, basketball, football), cooking, listening to an eclectic mix of music (Elvis Costello, Dusty Springfield, Thelonious Monk, Vinicius Moraes, Beach Boys, 10,000 Maniacs), reading (mystery novels, medieval logic, science in fields not related to my own).

EmmaEmma has been attending the Sudbury Valley School since the fall of 1999, when she turned 5. Some of her favorite pastimes are doing artwork, playing piano, surfing the web, swimming, and playing soccer. She loves to read and is a huge Harry Potter fan. Animals are important to her, especially dolphins, horses, and guinea pigs. She lives with cats and "they are really sweet". Her biggest hope for cohousing is being able to go out and play with other kids when she wants to. She has been involved with Mosaic Commons since the very first meeting (which was at her house). She would love for other kids her age to join the group.

PascalPascal loves to be fast, whether running around, riding his scooter or bicycle, or swimming. He also enjoys doing artwork and playing board games and card games. He started Sudbury Valley in the fall of 2003, just before his 5th birthday. Previously, he attended a fabulous cooperative preschool in Cambridge called Totlot. He likes to go to cohousing events to see friends, both young and old.

Sophie & Rich

Sophie: I had lived in Somerville for 20 years but had always wanted to live in the country with lots of friendly neighbors. My hobbies are walking in nature, wildlife-watching, singing, playing guitar, acting, clowning, Feng Shui, writing, reading, yoga, gardening, and playing with my cat. I first heard about cohousing in the former Sojourner newspaper, and I thought it sounded cool. Fast-forward to 15 years later; my husband and I decided to go on a cohousing bus tour and we discovered Mosaic. What draws me to Mosaic in particular is that it combines my love of nature, and desire to live adjoining conservation land, with my strong desire for community. Now both nature and community are right outside my door when I want them.

Rich K.: I live with my good wife, Sophie. Until making a career shift when we moved, I was a preschool teacher at a Jewish preschool in Cambridge; now I'm a professional woodworker and handyman. My hobbies are woodworking, yoga, model rocketry, bike-riding, and walking. I first heard about cohousing through a co-op house I lived in in Somerville. I also wandered by chance into the cohousing association's office in Watertown many years ago and learned more about it. More recently, on a fabulous bus tour with the national cohousing association, we hooked up with Mosaic folks. I'm drawn to Mosaic's consensus process, people's out-of-the-ordinary viewpoints on things, and the group's spirit of sharing and cooperation. My biggest hope is being able to join in the fun with children of all ages, right outside my door. We've been involved with Mosaic since May, 2005.

Steph, Ryan, Drew & David

StephSteph: I am a Social Work Case Manager at Network Health, where I enjoy working with clients directly to advocate for and help add services to their lives. In my free time I enjoy canoeing and kayaking, spending fun time with my twin boys, Drew and Alex, and I've recently renewed my love of my local library.

I've known about cohousing for several years and gradually became more interested in it as we got closer to having children. Having grown up in a small community where children were valued and cared for by an entire neighborhood, I would like to make the same thing possible for my children. I've known about this cohousing group almost from its beginning, became involved in August 2000, and became an equity member in March 2001. INFJ.

Drew says "I like to play on my computer, shoot off model rockets (here in our field), and play with my friends. I am interested in all sorts of science, and history, especially pirates. I like to read non-fiction and fiction books about modern fantasy adventure.

It's really fun to play here all year around, I have lots of friends here. We have snowball fights in the winter, including Snow Wars. In the summer we play Search and Destroy, a mixture of Tag and Hide and Seek. Some people make leaf collections in the fall. We ride our bikes almost all the time. We have beavers and coyotes nearby, and closer we have peepers, bullfrogs, interesting earthworms, snakes, salamanders, woodpeckers, and hawks. It's convenient to have stores so close by."

David says "I am sometimes called Alex. I like playing computer games and playing outside. I like interesting things like shark teeth and swords. I like cartoons, animation, and action (like Pirates of the Caribbean and Journey to the Center of the Earth). I like explosions (like rocket launches), and science with experiments. I have asthma, and I also have nut allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, chick peas, and lentils.

I like living in cohousing. It's fun because you get to be around your friends and family. There's great outdoors, so I get to ride my bike whenever I want, because we have so much property that I can just bike around. It's a great place if your parents are divorced because they can move here and you can switch houses whenever you want."


I am self-employed in research to make the built environment more accessible to people who are blind or who have low vision. Most of my research is federally funded by one mechanism or another. I have worked for more than 40 exciting and challenging years as a teacher, teacher-of-teachers, consultant, and researcher in the field of education and rehabilitation of people who are visually impaired.

I have lived in Berlin since 1975 and raised my fine son here. Torsten is a wildlife biologist, married, and living and doing research in Alaska. He and Rebecca, and my two grandsons, Torleif and Halfdan, live on a homestead in the Alaska Range, near the Yukon border, where they have a large garden and raise chickens. Torsten has become a subsistence hunter, getting caribou and moose most years, and he and Rebecca also catch about 100 lb. of Copper River salmon each year to fill their larder. Attending what may be the top wildlife biology program in the country, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Torsten felt that he had a better background in science from Tahanto Regional High School (Berlin-Boylston) than most of his fellow students.

In Berlin, I have been active for many years in First Parish Church, a federated United Church of Christ / Unitarian Universalist congregation, where I sing in the choir and rotate among a number of leadership positions. I’m also active in the Berlin Art and Historical Society and am interested in historic preservation.

I've been volunteering in the Himalayas since 2003, supporting Tibetan culture and education. I was hooked during two treks in Tibet, and have now made ten or more trips to a part of India that has been ethnically Tibetan for centuries. I volunteer at Jhamtse Gatsal Children's Community, an orphanage and school started by a Tibetan monk in a remote part of the southern Himalaya. As my professional activities decrease, I expect to be able to devote an increasing amount of time and energy to these wonderful children.

I have been interested in cohousing since I learned about it more than 10 years ago, but was never inclined to leave Berlin to join a cohousing community. Then I learned that cohousing was coming to Berlin! As a single person, with no relatives within a thousand miles, I enjoy being part of the close community of Mosaic Commons, while still living in Berlin and retaining the good friendships I’ve built up over many years. I’ve been a member of Mosaic since the summer of 2005.

Buzz & Noel

Buzz I live in Mosaic Commons with my longtime partner Noel and our three cats Merry, Pippin, and Apshai. We've wanted to live in cohousing for years, and living here has been every bit as wonderful as we hoped that it would be!

I train nonprofits and NGO's in fundraising and board service. I'm a freelance writer, political activist, and fundraiser. My interests include science fiction and fantasy, gardening, feminism, film, books, wargames and board games, social and economic justice, and pottery.

Noel Bio coming soon!

Diana, John, Andy, Ian & Colton

Diana: I live with my husband John and our three sons: twins Andrew and Ian (born 2000) and Colton (born 2002). I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in social work, and I currently work as a trainer and curriculum developer at Cloudera. In my (ha ha!) free time, I enjoy reading (science fiction and mysteries), walking, movies (mostly chick flicks) and photography.

I've known about cohousing for years, but I found out about Mosaic from Catya in 2000, and started getting involved in 2002. Almost a decade ago I did an exercise in which I envisioned my life-as-it-should-be and found that it centered around having children and living in community. I have the children; now I'm here in Mosaic realizing the rest of my vision. ENTJ.

John R.: I'm a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and sometime novelist. I live with Diana and our sons Andy, Ian and Colton. I've been in Mosaic since 2002.

I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, messing with old cars, and making music. The thing I like best about living in Mosaic is having my kids grow up in a friendly, supportive neighborhood.

ColtonColton: I'm 12 years old and I homeschool. I love video games, especially Minecraft and anything Mario.

AndyAndy: I'm 15 years old and I attend Sudbury Valley School. I love reading science fiction, playing Magic the Gathering, and playing Call of Duty.
IanIan: I'm 15 years old and I attend Sudbury Valley School. I love video games and sports!

Dwight, Sarah, Drew & David

DwightDwight: I'm proud papa (with Stephanie) to twin boys, Drew and Alex, born in June '02, and I share my life with Sarah F. I'm also a pre-sales engineer for a software company in Newton (which has me traveling about half the time), an amateur radio operator, and a former -- and aspiring -- private pilot.

I've had an interest in alternative living situations ever since my college days at the Kent State University Living/Learning Community, part of their Center for Peaceful Change (now the Center for Applied Conflict Management).

My biggest hope for cohousing is that its community-building will lead to a more humane existence for us all: a good place in which to raise kids, live life, and grow old. INFP.

SarahSarah: I'm an actuary working for John Hancock. I grew up in Kentucky, but am a happy New England transplant now, living in Mosaic with Dwight, Drew, and Alex.

My hobbies are crafts (beading mostly), reading, and creating spreadsheets :-). Someday I also hope to return to playing my violin. Living around other musicians in this community should eventually facilitate that!

I went to my first Mosaic Commons meeting in the summer of 2000, and I first learned about cohousing from seeing an announcement about this community, but I have long been interested in intentional community in all its various types. The best part of living in this community is constantly being inspired to better living by learning from my neighbors, and the ability to get out of my house and do fun things without putting forth much effort or time.

Drew says "I like to play on my computer, shoot off model rockets (here in our field), and play with my friends. I am interested in all sorts of science, and history, especially pirates. I like to read non-fiction and fiction books about modern fantasy adventure.

It's really fun to play here all year around, I have lots of friends here. We have snowball fights in the winter, including Snow Wars. In the summer we play Search and Destroy, a mixture of Tag and Hide and Seek. Some people make leaf collections in the fall. We ride our bikes almost all the time. We have beavers and coyotes nearby, and closer we have peepers, bullfrogs, interesting earthworms, snakes, salamanders, woodpeckers, and hawks. It's convenient to have stores so close by."

David says "I am sometimes called Alex. I like playing computer games and playing outside. I like interesting things like shark teeth and swords. I like cartoons, animation, and action (like Pirates of the Caribbean and Journey to the Center of the Earth). I like explosions (like rocket launches), and science with experiments. I have asthma, and I also have nut allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, chick peas, and lentils.

I like living in cohousing. It's fun because you get to be around your friends and family. There's great outdoors, so I get to ride my bike whenever I want, because we have so much property that I can just bike around. It's a great place if your parents are divorced because they can move here and you can switch houses whenever you want."

John & Judy

Judy: I am a Clinical Psychologist and have had a private practice at the D'arcy Wellness Clinic in Natick. I also teach part-time at Boston College. I have been married to John for 40 years and we have two children. Alanna is an interior designer and does set design for film, and Shawn is an actor and script writer. They both live in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. When we visit them we stay in the guest apartment of LA Ecovillage cohousing.

I currently am expanding my creativity with pottery, and have a small studio in the basement of our home. I also am a Hospital Volunteer Clown and am part of a troupe of wonderful creative people. I am strongly drawn to Buddhist teachings and practice, and I love the written word and read whenever I have a free minute. John and I are runners and like to be physically active. We are currently learning Tai Chi in a nearby town. John and I, and our children, have traveled to the Tibetan part of India with one of our other cohousing friends to work at an orphanage there. It was extremely rewarding and wonderful.

On the Myers-Briggs I am an INFJ, so I am prone to big-picture dreaming and get somewhat annoyed by detail. But I can still do it when I must! I have known about cohousing for a long time and have realized the importance of community both to learn about myself and to be of service. Growing older in a multigenerational environment, especially with children around, has been very enriching, and I expect that it will continue to be so.

John B.
John B.: I've been in New England for 32 years, and am originally from Kentucky. After four years in the military, I received my bachelor's from the University of Kentucky and then my grad degree from Northeastern in Rehab Administration. I spent several years in the non-profit sector working with state schools as well as community mental health organizations. I then moved into the business sector where I have been ever since, working for Fortune 500 companies, and until recently have had my own training/consulting business. Currently I have a job as Sales Program Manager with Cognos. Before Mosaic, I lived with my wife Judy in Natick, MA. Our children, Alanna and Shawn, are out of the household.

I heard about cohousing from a couple of sources — first from Judy, then during our summer Family Week workshops at Omega Institute. My biggest hope for cohousing is that I can get involved in a multigenerational living experience. I don't want to spend my later years in life with only people my age. I want the richness of being involved with all ages, including children. The one thing everyone should know about me is that I'm very concrete and specific. My hobbies are exercise, genealogy research, and running (four marathons). I used to make jewelry and would like to get back to that sometime. ESTJ.

Karen, Ed & Cosette

Karen: With a M.Ed. from UMass Boston (1996) and a B.A. in Psychology from Marist College (1986) I am currently home-schooling my daughter, Cosette. I also work part-time at National Braille Press as a print text reader, which I started doing in 2002, and am writing a book about growing your own fruits and berries, which will soon be published. The project could not be completed without the help of fellow community members at Mosaic Commons, who have shared an abundance of resources with me. I moved here from Boston with my family in July of 2009.

Edward and I learned about cohousing over a year ago from an article in the Boston Parents Paper. Soon after that, we found Jamaica Plain Cohousing and attended their Sunday Brunch Meetups to get to know them and to find out about openings as they arose, but no 2BR unit became available soon enough. We had known about Mosaic Commons but felt it would be too far away from Boston to move, but have since experienced a change of heart. This was partly because we were able to qualify for a 40B home here. Our friend Ken, already a member of the community, drove us down on November 1, 2008 to give us a tour and introduce us to the community. We signed our P & S on February 1, 2009 and closed on June 29, 2009, very happy that the best of both worlds came together for us – cohousing and affordability! We have been able to make it work because of the community spirit of our generous neighbors here.

My favorite pastimes include walking and playing outdoors, playing my instruments, singing, attending live music performances, sailing, cooking, baking, gardening, drawing, painting, creating multimedia art projects, dancing, biking, photography, reading, writing, and teaching my daughter. I have attended the Summer Acoustic Music Week on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire four times (1997-1999; 2004) and just love being part of that community, too. The third community closest to my heart is the Paulist Center on Park Street, downtown Boston, of which I have been a member for twenty years. One of my passions is maritime history and culture, so I am happy that we now live equally distant from both Boston and New Bedford, and can drive to both places to attend sea-song festivals. I am also happy that we live closer to Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. My favorite food is pizza. On the Myers-Briggs I am an INFP.

Edward: With both a B.A. in Political and Historical Studies/Theology and a M.Ed. in Adult Education (with an emphasis on the history of education in Boston) from Curry College, I am a full-time historian at the Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End, where I met my wife Karen in 1997. Born in Missouri, I have also lived in Kansas and New Jersey before I made Boston my home in 1981. Although my commute is now longer, I enjoy the extra time to read on the train. It is worth having such a beautiful home to return to each day and enjoy with my family.

My favorite pastimes are reading, photography, visiting museums, working on puzzles in the Common House, hiking on paths near local conservation lands, attending plays and movies (especially "indies"), and home-schooling my daughter Cosette. Since 1999, Karen and I have been attending the annual Shakespeare on the Common productions, offered each summer in Boston by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and began bringing our daughter when she was a baby. On the Myers-Briggs, I am an INTJ.

Cosette: I enjoyed turning 5 years old at Mosaic Commons, soon after I moved into our new home with my Mama and Papa. I love to play outside, dance, cook, and read all kinds of books. My favorite foods are pizza and PB&J sandwiches. My favorite season is summer, when I can run around barefoot. My favorite toys are my puppets, dolls, and art materials.

Owen & Rebecca

Bio and Pics Coming Soon!

Pat, Zach, Cat, Ken & Jonathan

Cat Cat: I work as a techie Project Manager, . I'm webmaster of this lovely website and cohousing.org, mom to Zach, daughter to Pat. We moved in to Mosaic on March 28th, 2009.

I found out about cohousing through a college class I attended at Simon's Rock in "Utopias, Dystopias, and Experimental Communities", and then through the web and attending the '99 North American cohousing conference and many since.

My hobbies include dance, yoga, reading, science fiction, makings soap & jewelry & more, dance, the occasional computer games, web design, and dance. I'm a classic ENTJ.

Before we moved in, I wrote "My hope for cohousing is to have a modern-day 'tribe' to live in and raise our children in." I'm loving it! My favorite things are cooking for the crowd, and how hard it is to LEAVE on an errand, because there are all these fabulous people around to talk with!

Zach was born in November of 1998, and has been involved in cohousing for most of their life. They graduated the Sudbury Valley School & now attends Hampshire College They love farming, dancing, guitar, singing, skiiing and plenty more,

Pat: Bio coming soon
Ken: Bio coming soon
Jonathan: Bio coming soon

Betsy & Steve

Steve Veno is a chemical engineer specializing in ultra pure water treatment design. He is sci-fi movie enthusiast and can quote scenes and characters from movies spanning decades. He enjoys outdoor activities, including kayaking and traveling. He has two daughters and a son, and four grandchildren.

Betsy Waters is a person of many interests and careers. Lately, she has been doing consulting and interim ministry with churches. She has been a school psychologist, a teacher of children and adults, from preschool into graduate school. She loves to travel, do water sports like kayaking and canoeing, play the piano and do puzzle computer games. Two current passions are photography and creative non-fiction writing. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Betsy has three sons and five grandchildren, including Elijah who visits often.

Cathy, Ed, Talula & Luca

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Kale, David & Reed

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Liz & Ken

Liz: I'm a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), currently in search of a church. On the side I facilitate anti-racism trainings, supervise trainers, and write curriculum, mostly for the Episcopal Church.

I found out about cohousing from Ken. My biggest hope for cohousing is to have someone else cook, so I can share in the community and eating! Cohousing has already provided me a community that can keep looking forward when I have trouble doing it myself. My hobbies include all sorts of crafty things — sewing, photography, painting, knitting, quilting, and other crafts, especially beading right now. I also like walks in the woods, bird watching, travels, and dinners with friends.

I'm an INTJ who plays the extrovert role pretty well, but I'm pretty stuck on having things in order and on time. I've been involved with Mosaic since the fall of 2001.

Ken: I grew up between the banks of the Yellowstone River and that long ribbon of metal called the Northern Pacific Railroad. Livingston, Montana is about an hour north on the entrance highway to Yellowstone Park and aside from the neighborhood bully it was a pretty nice place to grow up.

By day I work at Boston College as one of their "Technology Consultants." I provide direct third-level help-desk support for the Lynch School of Education. I enjoy working and teaching in that fun but occasionally traumatized arena that exists between the technological tools (like computers, software and PDAs) and a lot of really smart, highly educated folks who were hired to teach, do research and write rather than for their technical prowess.

At various times in my life I've managed to turn my hobbies into my job. I have a degree in political science and a masters in the ministry (I was a campus minister for a number of years). I paid for graduate school largely by working as the school photographer. After graduating I ended up in a college town that didn't need another minister so I became a biomedical and public relations photographer. Later, after making my way east, I was in Campus Ministry but to make financial ends meet I moonlighted in computer support after learning the technology as a hobby. Now I do the tech support full time and folks occasionally have said I'm almost "pastoral" in the way I help them. Yup.

I generally take a positive attitude in whatever I do. I'm a firm believer in what some management folks have labeled the FISH! Philosophy.

I've never turned drumming into a living and probably won't, but it is a passion. I love to drum and sing, and prefer to make music with others. I belonged to the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus from about 1993 through 1997. It's one of many music groups spawned by Pete Seeger and friends, and I've had the good fortune to have performed with Pete on many occasions. I'm a big fan of the Summer Acoustic Music Week (music camp for adults) put on every summer by WUMB — Boston's Folk Music Radio station.

Since moving to the Boston area I've played with a lot of different folks, but currently spend the majority of my musical passion with a group I helped create called New England Weather. NEW, as we abbreviate it, has a number of spin-off events, and one of my favorites is Mike Delaney's very well run "open mic" at Java Jo's in Jamaica Plain; it's across the street from the Forest Hills T stop, and happens every Thursday from 7 to 10 pm.

I found out about Mosaic Commons from my ex, Christie White, who had been dreaming about it for years. My biggest hope for cohousing is for the community. I'm a gregarious extrovert, so I'm the one in the family who's out meeting and greeting folks. I look forward to getting to know my neighbors better than just learning their names. Cohousing, among other things, enhances the likelihood that I'll know my neighbors, and hopefully at a deeper level than just being acquaintances. I've been with Mosaic Commons since April 2001.

Something useful folks might like to know about me? I'm an ENFP.


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Matt: I am trained as a marriage and family therapist and a life coach. I currently work for the Department of Youth Services Central Region as a Family Intervention Specialist. I have been looking for a form of intentional community since the mid 90s. Mariama and I found out about cohousing in 2004 and have been looking for the right community since then. We are happy to have found it at Mosaic.

My hobbies include basketball, racquetball, card games, poker, Magic the Gathering, computer games, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, reading science fiction, spirituality and psychology books and much more. I have a decent sized science fiction library and I am happy to share my books with others. I love hanging out with people and spending time with my family. I am an ENFP and a 7 on the Enneagram.

Rachel, Jesse & Rose

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