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Dave & Zach

Dave: a Professional Computer Geek. Before Mosaic I lived with Cat and my son Zach, in Natick. Cat "forced" me to go to the Cohousing Conference at Pioneer Valley in 1999 and I was hooked.

My particular hobbies vary depending on the season and my mood. I do a lot of things, and being around other motivated folks really enables me to do the things I enjoy. Everything from doing general work (like building fences, mowing, painting, other woodworking), through supporting all the little projects the community has. For myself, I love playing guitar, bike-riding, skiing, sailing, and taking nice long hikes on our 65 acres of land. INTP.

Zach was born in November of 1998, and has been involved in cohousing for most of his life. He attends the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham. He enjoys karate, riding his scooter and his bike, sledding, robots, Legos, music, writing email, programming and reading.

He says his favorite thing about cohousing is that "there's a lot of people around all the time!"

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