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Indoors: Kitchen

Members: Noel, Cat, Kim, Dot.
email: kitchen@mosaic-commons.org

  1. The common house kitchen team is a standing team responsible for maintaining our ServSafe certification, equipping the kitchen (including placesetings) through purchases and acceptance of donations of items, organizing the kitchen and keeping it stocked.  The kitchen team is also responsible for the kitchen overflow closet in the basement.

  1. Members are chosen by self-selection.

  1. Team decisions are made by agreement/lack of dissent, typically over email.  

  1. This team’s annual budget covers new equipment, replacement equipment (including placesettings), and any fees associated with the ServSafe requirements.  Food stocks and other consumables in the kitchen are funded through the meals program. Large appliance replacements are funded through the capital reserves, but will be driven by the kitchen team.

  1. Reports to the plenary will be issued when new equipment is acquired or ServSafe conditions change.

  1. The kitchen team will work with the meals team to address the needs of cooks and clean up people.

  1. The kitchen team can make decisions at power level 4 (may  decide on its own) about spending its budget and accepting kitchen items as donations, and at power level 3 (may post a tentative decision) about issues pertaining to ServSafe and kitchen & overflow organization.  

    (Power Levels: http://wiki.mosaic-commons.org/Facilitation/PowerLevels)

  1. Community members can email the team at kitchen@mosaic-commons.org.  Donations of kitchen items should be made through the kitchen team.

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