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Getting the work Done ad hoc team

1. This "Exploratory Team - Getting the Work Done" is an ad hoc team. Its purpose is to provide leadership for developing clear expectations for getting the work done and for developing a system of work going forward (which may or may not include a future standing team.)

The team would do the following tasks

A. Gather work tasks to be done that are not already covered by teams. These can be "overflow" tasks from teams or tasks outside of teams. Work weekend tasks and between work weekend tasks would dovetail. The list would be posted both electronically and in paper form.

B. Gather information (probably stored in a data base) from each member about current work being done, the kinds of work they would like to do within the community and the best ways to invite member's participation.

C. Facilitate match making between work tasks and people in the community.

D. Use data gathered to begin to address questions about work for the community, including (but not limited to)
--What is the average number of hours/ month/ person done by the community?
-- How can we systematically recognize "unseen" work in the community?
-- What kind of ebb and flow of work is natural for this community?
-- How are children/youth participating and what approaches are useful to
foster greater participation?

E . Hold discussion circles and (eventually) conversations in the full plenary move toward a system for getting the work done.

2. Team members are self-selected.
3. Team decisions are made by consensus.
4. This team would have no budget for 2015. Expenses for work day are under steering at this time.
5. It would report to the plenary in Nov/Dec. of 2015, with more frequent updates by email to the community.
6. It would work in conjunction with all other teams in gathering lists of tasks and in assisting with matchmaking for task under at team's mandate. When the mandate is approved, it will have an email address ( propose - gettingworkdone@mosaic-commons.org)

7. F.. It would hold level 3 (get plenary confirmation for) decision-making for the plan for gathering/ posting work lists and for deciding which data will be gathered for the database.
It would hold level 4 (independent) decision-making for creating forms, the data base, the charts, any personal interviews, the processes for match making and the design of discussion circles.
The plenary will have decision making for any new work system going forward and whether a standing team is created following this ad hoc team.

8. The team will accept into from people not on the team by email, personal contact, filling out forms, etc. The team will also have an internal email group.

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