How to Speak "INTJ"

  • Submit new ideas and/or proposals in writing and give them plenty of time to think about them before discussing. Preview new experiences ahead of time.
  • Pay careful attention to the strategy necessary for implementing your ideas. Remember that INTJs place a very high value on competence.
  • Don't expect effusive appreciation or lavish praise for a job well done. INTJs often consider both unnecessary, meaningless, and, therefore, insulting.
  • Resist the temptation to finish their sentences. Even if they seem to be rambling and you think you know where they are heading, it is far better to let them get there on their own.
  • Remember to make your case based on logic -- not personal preferences or extenuating circumstances.
  • Remember that they are most concerned with the big picture and how the idea fits in with their larger mission.

from The Art of SpeedReading People, Tieger & Barron-Tieger


Independent, innovative, logical and driven by the inner world of ideas and possibilities, the INTJ often appears to others as a quietly self-confident (and sometimes stubborn) critic of the status quo, convinced that reality can be altered, the future reshaped. Wherever there is a need for change in systems, programs, concepts or theories, INTJs will be working behind the scenes to reorganize and revise. This type's focused attention to the personal mission may be inspiring or frankly obsessive, depending on the observer's viewpoint or the success of the enterprise. Introspective and somewhat shy, INTJs place their trust in logical analysis and intuition to guide their thoughts and decisions. More feeling types may find them chilly, and more practical types accuse them of being unrealistic, but INTJs take their cues mostly from those they recognize as intelligent. Often attracted to theoretical, analytical and methodological areas of inquiry, INTJs succeed in a wide variety of fields, from ones heavily dependent on mathematics and science to more philosophical, literary or applied disciplines.

from The Personality Page

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