Our Original Vision Statement

Our Original Vision Statement

Before we found land and started construction, we wrote a vision statement to guide us along the way and to help people hear what we were about.

In the meanwhile...

Mosaic Commons is a group of people working to build community; like a mosaic, we hope to create a group whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To do this, we support each other, respecting each person's differences, as well as our shared values. Each member has a responsibility to participate, and each person's voice will be heard. Our goals are friendship — both within and outside of the community — sharing — of energy, resources, ideas and lives — and learning together. Our aim is to develop a safe, dynamic and nurturing place for all of us, children and adults, to grow, both individually and as a group.

Our Vision is:

To create and live in a residential community (20-35 households) west of Boston based on the cohousing style of living including:

  • a balance of shared, common space and private homes,
  • a common house integral to community activities,
  • housing design and development that supports community living,
  • child-friendly environment with centralized play areas (inside and outside),
  • minimal impact of automobiles in and around our living and recreational areas,
  • consensus decision-making,
  • environmental consciousness,
  • social responsibility, and
  • financial responsibility.

To create housing that is affordable to individuals and families with a range of incomes.

To create a community that welcomes, respects, and supports diversity of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability and disability, political persuasion, educational philosophy, family structure and financial status.

Our intention is to support each other and embrace the need for extended family creating a healthy interdependence.

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