Perley, Sandy, Megan & Mischka

Perley, Sandy, Megan & Mischka

Sandy: I'm Sandy Altucher, and before Mosaic I lived in Lancaster, Massachusetts, in a house that was way too big for us. Living with me are my husband Perley, my two kids Megan, born in 1996, and Mischka, born in 2000, and four cats. I was a software engineer for sixteen years, but left the corporate world in 1998 to take care of my mother, and have not looked back. I now work part-time at the Lancaster library.

I first heard of cohousing in 1992, when some friends were trying to start a group in Rhode Island, but I wasn't ready to take the plunge until 2006, when I found out about Mosaic Commons. My hope for cohousing is for my kids to have a pack to hang out with. Ditto for me. I enjoy cooking, reading, playing Scrabble (and many other games), playing piano, and having interesting conversations. My Myers-Briggs type is INFP.

Perley: Hello, I'm Perley B. C. Mears Jr. (yeah a mouthful), and I live with my wife Sandy in Mosaic. I've got a couple of great kids, see above for stats, and a wide variety of interests. I shifted companies when we moved, but I worked for Sun Microsystems for 10+ years, and spent 25+ years in the computer industry. Among my interests are computers, gadgets, dancing, singing, origami, string figures, roller skating, aerobics, basketball, ...

I first heard about cohousing from my wife Sandy when I met her, but wasn't ready to give up what seemed like a lot of control. I've since matured, yay, and gotten a better understanding of the cooperative process in cohousing. I'm also very ready for more community, and I think it will be great for Megan and Mischka. When we moved into our recently sold home, I swore never to move again, but this time I'm in a community I look forward to growing old in, not just a home to live at. My Myers-Briggs type is somewhere between ENFJ and INTJ.

Megan and Mischka: Coming soon!

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