Ross & Scott

Ross & Scott

Ross: I live with my husband Scott, Eris (cat) and Jake (dog). I am a software developer/analyst for a company based out of Portland, ME. I've been doing software and database development for more than 15 years and I enjoy it immensely. I currently work from home and I like having so many friends nearby. I like to read (fantasy, science fiction, romance), hike, play cards and other tabletop games, ride my motorcycle and relax.

Before moving to Mosaic I felt very trapped. I worked from home and never really saw another soul other than my housemates. Now I have great neighbors to interact with and a wonderful environment to enjoy. I've been involved with Mosaic since October 2009.

Jake: Hi, I'm Jake. I like to walk. I live with my owners Ross & Scott as well as two other annoying creatures that don't like playing with me enough. I like to walk, run, walk in the woods, eat, play with my ball and walk. Oh! I really like walking. In my free time I take long naps on the floor or on the couch. I like Mosaic because there are lots of people here that pet me. I like to walk.

Scott:: Bio coming soon!

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