John & Judy

JudyJudy: I am a Clinical Psychologist and have had a private practice at the D'arcy Wellness Clinic in Natick. I also teach part-time at Boston College. I have been married to John for 40 years and we have two children. Alanna is an interior designer and does set design for film, and Shawn is an actor and script writer. They both live in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. When we visit them we stay in the guest apartment of LA Ecovillage cohousing. I currently am expanding my creativity with pottery, and have a small studio in the basement of our home. I also am a Hospital Volunteer Clown and am part of a troupe of wonderful creative people. I am strongly drawn to Buddhist teachings and practice, and I love the written word and read whenever I have a free minute. John and I are runners and like to be physically active. We are currently learning Tai Chi in a nearby town. John and I, and our children, have traveled to the Tibetan part of India with one of our other cohousing friends to work at an orphanage there. It was extremely rewarding and wonderful. On the Myers-Briggs I am an INFJ, so I am prone to big-picture dreaming and get somewhat annoyed by detail. But I can still do it when I must! I have known about cohousing for a long time and have realized the importance of community both to learn about myself and to be of service. Growing older in a multigenerational environment, especially with children around, has been very enriching, and I expect that it will continue to be so.

JohnJohn B.: I've been in New England for 32 years, and am originally from Kentucky. After four years in the military, I received my bachelor's from the University of Kentucky and then my grad degree from Northeastern in Rehab Administration. I spent several years in the non-profit sector working with state schools as well as community mental health organizations. I then moved into the business sector where I have been ever since, working for Fortune 500 companies, and until recently have had my own training/consulting business. Currently I have a job as Sales Program Manager with Cognos. Before Mosaic, I lived with my wife Judy in Natick, MA. Our children, Alanna and Shawn, are out of the household. I heard about cohousing from a couple of sources — first from Judy, then during our summer Family Week workshops at Omega Institute. My biggest hope for cohousing is that I can get involved in a multigenerational living experience. I don't want to spend my later years in life with only people my age. I want the richness of being involved with all ages, including children. The one thing everyone should know about me is that I'm very concrete and specific. My hobbies are exercise, genealogy research, and running (four marathons). I used to make jewelry and would like to get back to that sometime. ESTJ.