Mike, Victoria, Julius, Soren, Viviana and Savanah

The GaisfordsThe Gaisford family moved to Mosaic from California in 2012 so their children could grow up knowing their neighbors and surrounded by nature. Mike works on the business side of medical devices, and Victoria's career has been in religious education. Mike has enjoyed playing pick-up basketball with a group of men in Berlin and cooks common meals once a month. When the kids were younger, Victoria did lots of volunteering in the schools and enjoyed organizing art projects with the kids at Mosaic. Her favorite times at Mosaic have been the ultimate frisbee games on the field. Their four kids are now in middle school and up and regularly say, "I love where we live," when rounding the curves on the drive home. The Gaisfords belong to the church at the center of Berlin. Their dog, Artemis Scooby-Doo Gaisford, loves running through the forest every morning and greeting neighbors on the pathways.