Steph, Ryan, Drew & David/Alex

StephSteph: I am a Social Work Case Manager at Network Health, where I enjoy working with clients directly to advocate for and help add services to their lives. In my free time I enjoy canoeing and kayaking, spending fun time with my twin boys, Drew and Alex, and I've recently renewed my love of my local library. I've known about cohousing for several years and gradually became more interested in it as we got closer to having children. Having grown up in a small community where children were valued and cared for by an entire neighborhood, I would like to make the same thing possible for my children. I've known about this cohousing group almost from its beginning, became involved in August 2000, and became an equity member in March 2001. INFJ.

Drew says "I like to play on my computer, shoot off model rockets (here in our field), and play with my friends. I am interested in all sorts of science, and history, especially pirates. I like to read non-fiction and fiction books about modern fantasy adventure.

It's really fun to play here all year around, I have lots of friends here. We have snowball fights in the winter, including Snow Wars. In the summer we play Search and Destroy, a mixture of Tag and Hide and Seek. Some people make leaf collections in the fall. We ride our bikes almost all the time. We have beavers and coyotes nearby, and closer we have peepers, bullfrogs, interesting earthworms, snakes, salamanders, woodpeckers, and hawks. It's convenient to have stores so close by."

David/Alex says "I am sometimes called Alex. I like playing computer games and playing outside. I like interesting things like shark teeth and swords. I like cartoons, animation, and action (like Pirates of the Caribbean and Journey to the Center of the Earth). I like explosions (like rocket launches), and science with experiments. I have asthma, and I also have nut allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, chick peas, and lentils.

I like living in cohousing. It's fun because you get to be around your friends and family. There's great outdoors, so I get to ride my bike whenever I want, because we have so much property that I can just bike around. It's a great place if your parents are divorced because they can move here and you can switch houses whenever you want."