Tim, Ellen, MJ & Quinn

TimTim: I'm a software engineer for Google in Cambridge. Before we moved into Mosaic, I lived with my spouse, Ellen, and two kids, Morgan and Quinn, very close to my parents in Carlisle. I have no other siblings or immediate family. My biggest hope for cohousing is a place for our kids to run around safely and where they feel part of a community that cares for their welfare. I like living as part of a larger community, and not feeling isolated from close friends.

I don't have time for hobbies, because I have children. But I see movies when I can, ride my bike as often as possible, and juggle. I found out about cohousing through Cat B., and have been involved with Mosaic since the summer of 2003. Personality: xNxP.

Ellen: I'm a childbirth educator and doulawriter and editor, secular homeschooler, partner, and activist. For a decade I lived with Tim, our kids Morgan and Quinn, and assorted pets in Carlisle; I enjoyed my big house in the woods, but missed the sense of community I once felt living near friends in the city. I'm really grateful to have a village around us now that Mosaic is a reality — and I love being able to plan and execute gourmet dinners for forty!

I'm now homeschooling my kids in addition to running multiple businesses and volunteering for Mosaic. In my exceedingly limited spare time, I read, sing, do genealogy research, and study languages. Like Tim, I've been involved with Mosaic since the summer of 2003. I invariably fall on two boundaries when I take the Myers-Briggs, so I'm an xNFx.

Quinn is ten years old, and lives with his mom and dad and brother Morgan. He recently left the Berlin Memorial School to homeschool with his brother, and enjoys reading Fox Trot comics, rock-climbing with Dad, swimming at Granny & Grandpa's house, and battling his neighbors with Nerf weapons.

Morgan is nearly fourteen and chose homeschooling in the fall of 2010. He enjoys hanging out with Mike and Andy, and gets to see them a lot when they get home from school!

He likes art, science, reading, swimming, and roleplaying games, but "what is really important about me is that I like art." Combining his interests in art and Mad Science, he plans to become an inventor.