Sophie, Rich & Colin

Sophie: I had lived in Somerville for 20 years but had always wanted to live in the country with lots of friendly neighbors. My hobbies are walking in nature, wildlife-watching, singing, playing guitar, acting, clowning, Feng Shui, writing, reading, yoga, gardening, and playing with my cat. I first heard about cohousing in the former Sojourner newspaper, and I thought it sounded cool. Fast-forward to 15 years later; my husband and I decided to go on a cohousing bus tour and we discovered Mosaic. What draws me to Mosaic in particular is that it combines my love of nature, and desire to live adjoining conservation land, with my strong desire for community. Now both nature and community are right outside my door when I want them.

Rich K.: I live with my good wife, Sophie. Until making a career shift when we moved, I was a preschool teacher at a Jewish preschool in Cambridge; now I'm a professional woodworker and handyman. My hobbies are woodworking, yoga, model rocketry, bike-riding, and walking. I first heard about cohousing through a co-op house I lived in in Somerville. I also wandered by chance into the cohousing association's office in Watertown many years ago and learned more about it. More recently, on a fabulous bus tour with the national cohousing association, we hooked up with Mosaic folks. I'm drawn to Mosaic's consensus process, people's out-of-the-ordinary viewpoints on things, and the group's spirit of sharing and cooperation. My biggest hope is being able to join in the fun with children of all ages, right outside my door. We've been involved with Mosaic since May, 2005.