Karen, Ed & Cosette

Karen: With a M.Ed. from UMass Boston (1996) and a B.A. in Psychology from Marist College (1986) I am currently home-schooling my daughter, Cosette. I also work part-time at National Braille Press as a print text reader, which I started doing in 2002, and am writing a book about growing your own fruits and berries, which will soon be published. The project could not be completed without the help of fellow community members at Mosaic Commons, who have shared an abundance of resources with me. I moved here from Boston with my family in July of 2009.

Edward and I learned about cohousing over a year ago from an article in the Boston Parents Paper. Soon after that, we found Jamaica Plain Cohousing and attended their Sunday Brunch Meetups to get to know them and to find out about openings as they arose, but no 2BR unit became available soon enough. We had known about Mosaic Commons but felt it would be too far away from Boston to move, but have since experienced a change of heart. This was partly because we were able to qualify for a 40B home here. Our friend Ken, already a member of the community, drove us down on November 1, 2008 to give us a tour and introduce us to the community. We signed our P & S on February 1, 2009 and closed on June 29, 2009, very happy that the best of both worlds came together for us – cohousing and affordability! We have been able to make it work because of the community spirit of our generous neighbors here.

My favorite pastimes include walking and playing outdoors, playing my instruments, singing, attending live music performances, sailing, cooking, baking, gardening, drawing, painting, creating multimedia art projects, dancing, biking, photography, reading, writing, and teaching my daughter. I have attended the Summer Acoustic Music Week on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire four times (1997-1999; 2004) and just love being part of that community, too. The third community closest to my heart is the Paulist Center on Park Street, downtown Boston, of which I have been a member for twenty years. One of my passions is maritime history and culture, so I am happy that we now live equally distant from both Boston and New Bedford, and can drive to both places to attend sea-song festivals. I am also happy that we live closer to Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. My favorite food is pizza. On the Myers-Briggs I am an INFP.

Edward: With both a B.A. in Political and Historical Studies/Theology and a M.Ed. in Adult Education (with an emphasis on the history of education in Boston) from Curry College, I am a full-time historian at the Paul Revere House in Boston’s North End, where I met my wife Karen in 1997. Born in Missouri, I have also lived in Kansas and New Jersey before I made Boston my home in 1981. Although my commute is now longer, I enjoy the extra time to read on the train. It is worth having such a beautiful home to return to each day and enjoy with my family.

My favorite pastimes are reading, photography, visiting museums, working on puzzles in the Common House, hiking on paths near local conservation lands, attending plays and movies (especially "indies"), and home-schooling my daughter Cosette. Since 1999, Karen and I have been attending the annual Shakespeare on the Common productions, offered each summer in Boston by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and began bringing our daughter when she was a baby. On the Myers-Briggs, I am an INTJ.

Cosette: I enjoyed turning 5 years old at Mosaic Commons, soon after I moved into our new home with my Mama and Papa. I love to play outside, dance, cook, and read all kinds of books. My favorite foods are pizza and PB&J sandwiches. My favorite season is summer, when I can run around barefoot. My favorite toys are my puppets, dolls, and art materials.