1. The accessibility team is a sub-team of the diversity team. This mandate is for the accessibility portion only. The accessibility team is responsible for thinking about and researching accessibility needs in our community at present and in the future. We propose ideas to the community for residents and guests to be fully integrated into the life of the community and to have safe access to the public areas of Mosaic Commons Cohousing and, if possible, access to homes.

2. Members are chosen by self-selection. They need to mention to the team if they want to be part of the decision making process. New members and lurkers are welcome.

3. Team decisions are made by at least half of the team saying yes and no one saying no. 4. This team may request its own budget at regular budgeting time, or may ask for money from the appropriate team for the relevant changes proposed.

5. Reports to the plenary will be issued as different projects are put forth.

6. The Team will work in conjunction with the Common House room teams, BNG, trustees, ad hoc parking, and other teams as fit the items that need to be made accessible.

7. The accessibility team will ensure that Mosaic will always have a number of designated accessible spaces equal to the number of residents who have a placard or otherwise need an accessible space, plus one space near the common house and one space in the south for visitors. If a person needs an accessible space the team will temporarily mark a spot. This will be posted to the community for input. People with objections to the location of the spot should notify the team within two weeks. Any differences between the people's objections and the person's needs will be resolved by the team, using Community Support as necessary, before making the location final.

8. The team has Power Level 2 to make proposals to the plenary for accessibility changes that are not pre-approved by another relevant team.

9. The team has power level four to spend money in its budget. Spending for other projects to improve accessibility may be approved by another team to come from that team’s budget, or may be approved by the plenary.

10. The accessibility team will accept input from people not on the team by email, personal contact, filling out an appropriate form, surveys, etc. The team can establish a date by which input into a decision is closed. Email is

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