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Indoors: Meals

Sandy, Mary, San, Liz, Kim, Cat B, Ross
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Mandate for the Meals Team

  1. The meals team is a standing team responsible for:
    1. Scheduling meals
    2. Scheduling people to do the work of meals and meal clean-up
    3. Determining charges for meals and reimbursement rates for cooks
    4. Meals accounting, including tracking & billing
    5. Setting standards for meals
    6. Ensuring that people who do the work of meals and meal clean-up are trained to follow Servsafe guidelines.
  2. Members are chosen by self-selection and self-identify. The meals team email list includes both active team members and other people who do the work of meals. A list of active team members will be kept on the meals wiki. Those on the email list can add or subtract themselves from that wiki-list of active members and the team will verify the names on the list every January.
  3. Team decisions are made by agreement/lack of dissent, over email or at meetings. Only active members participate in decision-making.
  4. This team manages its own money in an account separate from cohousing funds.
  5. Reports to the plenary will be issued when new equipment is acquired or ServSafe conditions change. The team will report on the meals schedule, meal scheduling changes and the results of those changes.
  6. The meals team will work with the kitchen team to address the needs of cooks and clean up people. This team provides funds to the kitchen team for stocking the pantry. When notified before scheduling deadlines, the meals team will help other teams and individuals by scheduling support for food prep and clean-up at community events.
  7. The meals team can make decisions at power level 4 (may decide on its own) about its finances and meal scheduling, and at power level 3 (may post a tentative decision) about setting standards for meals .

    (Power Levels: http://wiki.mosaic-commons.org/Facilitation/PowerLevels)

  8. Community members can email the team at meals@mosaic-commons.org.

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