1. Any structural changes inside or outside need trustee approval, not to be withheld unreasonably.
    1. Documents needed to grant approval include, but may not be limited to, proof of liability insurance from the contractor hired to make the structural changes.
  2. Any non-structural change needing a permit needs trustee notification prior to work beginning. 
  3. Any exterior changes (painting, awnings, propane tanks, solar installations, and the like) need approval from the other owners in the same building, not to be withheld unreasonably (as in the Trust).
  4. Any non-structural interior changes need no approval.
  5. When an owner applies for a government permit for any kind of change, a copy of the application needs to be provided to the trustees right away. A revised floor plan is also required.
  6. Any owner who makes a change thereby assumes responsibility for any maintenance or repair caused directly or indirectly by the change.