Pet Policy

Residents are responsible for ensuring that their animals do not disrupt other members of the community by inappropriate behaviour, property destruction, or noise. Residents should take the nature of the community into consideration when selecting pets.
Visiting pets are the responsibility of their hosts.

In the Common House

Service animals are welcome to accompany their owners into indoor common areas, such as the common house, but no other animals are permitted. All animals are prohibited from any basement storage areas that have been designated as animal-free.

In our Homes

There are no restrictions on pets within private units, provided their noise or smell does not cause a disturbance to others. Should indoor pets accidentally get out, the outdoor rules are then applicable to these pets and their owners.

Outdoor Cats

Many members of Mosaic feel strongly that all cats should be kept indoors or in designated enclosures. Other members of Mosaic feel strongly about keeping outdoor cats.
In order to respect both positions, we will keep the overall population of outdoor cats in the community at no more than 8. Members that want to add outdoor cats must request this from Steering, who will approve if the overall numbers are appropriate and the following restrictions are observed:

  • All outdoor cats must be spayed or neutered.
  • Members will make a good faith effort to keep their cats inside at night.
  • Outdoor cats will be collared, tagged, and belled.
  • Outdoor cats will be vaccinated, including Feline Leukemia and Rabies.

Steering may grant an exception to the restrictions for outdoor cats, or to go beyond the cap, in unusual circumstances, e.g., to prevent a cat from being put down, or for a family cat that moves to a Mosaic household.
New owners with existing outdoor cats should report those cats to steering, follow the restrictions for those cats, and will be subject to Pet Policy for any future pets.


Note: there were no major edits made in this section in the 2018 re-draft. Those may be coming from the ad hoc dog team.
Out of consideration for the safety and comfort of all community members, dogs should either be on a leash, in a fenced-in area, under the direct control and supervision of their owners at all times. Dog owners are expected to "scoop as they go" when walking their dogs.

Other outdoor animals

Other outdoor animals (such as pigs, goats, etc.) that are allowed by the laws applicable to our site, will either be on a leash or in a fenced-in area at all times.
Members who wish to keep livestock should raise that issue with the community as an exception to this policy.


We recognize that there is a pet overpopulation problem in this country due to accidental breeding of pets, particularly cats. Therefore, it is required that outdoor cats be spayed or neutered and strongly recommended that both indoor cats and all dogs be spayed or neutered.

Damage and mess:

Outdoor pet owners are jointly responsible for cleaning up after their outdoor pets.
Outdoor pet owners are jointly responsible for repairing or bearing the cost of any damage created by their outdoor pets except in cases where one animal has been clearly identified to have caused the damage.