Noise / Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours Best Practices Agreeement

The intent of this agreed upon best-practice is to balance the needs of residents who need morning quiet with those who need evening quiet, and to balance people's ability to do community work, and have fun events, with other resident's needs for quiet.

Mosaic Commons Quiet hours start at 9pm Sunday to Thursday nights and start at 10pm Friday and Saturday nights. They go until 8am Monday to Friday mornings and until 9am Saturday and Sunday mornings.

During that time residents are asked to avoid disturbing their neighbors and to help their guests to do the same.

Examples: Quiet hours do not preclude enjoying porches or back yards with visiting friends, or walking through the neighborhood having a conversation at normal volume. They do preclude loud play, loud laughter, loud music, and motorized equipment where other residents will be disturbed. During quiet hours avoid clunky items in dryers, turn off the beeps on washers and dryers, and pay attention to how noise carries from the hot tub, basketball court, playground, and adventure playground.

Quiet hours do not apply to emergency personnel, snow removal, or emergency mechanical fixes.

Contractors arranged by Mosaic on an occasional basis may start work at 7AM but are asked to start their work as far from homes as possible. The person arranging the contractor should, as much as possible, notify the community in advance of any work that will disturb quiet hours.

Events arranged by Mosaic residents and members on an occasional basis may move the quiet hours until midnight but must notify the community in advance of the event.

Even when quiet hours are not in effect people should show consideration when asked to be quiet. For example:
-Please honor requests from hobby room guests for additional morning or night-time quiet time in the living room and/or laundry room.
-Please honor requests for additional morning or night-time quiet time from people in homes near the hot tub, playground, adventure playground, basketball court, and other places noise might carry to people sleeping.


During construction, we made every reasonable attempt to minimize the negative impact of noise through engineering and design, paying particular attention to noise abatement in the common house dining room and laundry room, and sound insulation between attached units.

Through courtesy and communication we anticipate most other noise problems will be avoided. Community Support can be utilized to help work through any conflicts or difficulties around noise that may arise.