Fragrances in the Common House

Mosaic Commons has a number of people who are sensitive to both natural and artificial fragrances. This agreement is intended to limit the use of fragrances that cause problems for residents, members, and regular guests to our common house.

In general, it is helpful to look for something on the label that says "fragrance-free" or "unscented".

In the common house, we will only use unscented hand soap, dish soap, and common house laundry detergent.

We will buy and use unscented, environmentally friendly common house cleaning supplies and bathroom deodorizers for regular use. When these are unavailable, we will strive to use the least scented, most environmentally friendly products appropriate to the job

Cut flowers may be used for short periods for private events in the common house but should not be left in the common house after your event.

People using the hobby rooms will be asked not to use scented products in the rooms, and to minimize the use of scented soaps and lotions.

People using the common house should be conscious of fragrance sensitivities.

In the laundry room, people are encouraged to use unscented products. Scented products must be closed securely when not in use, and the use of scented products is limited to the labeled washer and dryer.

We recognize that it is hard to know if a particular fragrance is a problem for someone else. People who have reactions to a scent in the common house are asked to inform the individual or the community so that changes can be made for the future. If a scent-sensitive individual needs help starting a conversation about fragrance usage with another community member or guest, they should feel free to contact Community Support.