How to Speak "ENFP"

  • Be prepared to discuss many topics and answer a lot of questions.
  • Don't overwhelm them with details, especially those concerning projects or ideas they are not already heavily invested in.
  • Challenge their creativity. ENFPs love nothing better than seeing possibilities and generating unique, helpful solutions.
  • Present them with lots of options. If at all possible, don't limit their choices or restrict their ability to come up with alternatives. Never immediately point out why their ideas won't work.
  • Appeal to their enormous sense of the possible, especially with regard to getting what they want or helping others achieve something that is important to them.
  • Respect their personal privacy. Don't ask them to share their feelings publicly. While they like to be appreciated for their contributions, they are often embarrassed when praised publicly.
  • Keep presentations interesting and the pace moving. The more you involve them, the more invested they will become. Make chores and required tasks fun.
  • Don't be too formal or structured, or overwhelm them with too many rules or procedures. If at all possible, encourage (or at least tolerate) their desire to act spontaneously.

from The Art of SpeedReading People, Tieger & Barron-Tieger


ENFPs are open-minded, imaginative, caring and outgoing. They thrive on the drama of life by observing everything enthusiastically and associating meaning and human motive with all they survey. To the ENFP, no life event is devoid of significance--a belief which may justify others' perception of them as hyperalert, oversensitive and even suspicious at times. Charming, interactive, charismatic, communicative and ingenious, ENFPs often are expansive in their approach to life, love and work--multitalented individuals who may succeed in a number of creative endeavors, so long as a strong human element is present. "Do this, do that!" jobs demanding strict compliance with rules, regulations and procedures, and attention to logic, facts and details are stressful for most ENFPs. Their characteristically short attention span and diversity of interests may sabotage their accomplishment in enterprises demanding tenacity and single-mindedness. This type's natural gift for inspiring others often is their salvation: the projects ENFPs start may be completed by their followers.

from The Personality Page