How to Speak "ESTJ"

  • Be assertive; you may have to push to get your point across. Don't worry about hurting their feelings; ESTJ's take few things personally. They'll respect you more if you don't back down from your position.
  • Try not to be put off by their frankness or even bluntness -- they probably do not mean what they say personally, so try not to take it that way.
  • Don't expect to score points with personal appeals. Be objective and base your argument or reasoning on the realistic, logical consequences of the action, rather than on its personal importance to you or others.
  • Appeal to their sense of fairness and justice. Don't make frequent exceptions to the rule.
  • Be prepared to discuss your ideas when you present them. They are action-oriented people and don't tend to take much time for reflection.
  • Appeal to their need to get the job done.
  • Come directly to your point or request. Be explicit, organized, and honest. Try numbering your points for clarity. Do not try to skirt around issues.

from The Art of SpeedReading People, Tieger & Barron-Tieger


Assertive, practical, rational, loyal, opinionated and decisive, the ESTJ is an organized, take-charge person who brings others into line by assigning tasks and roles, giving clear-cut instructions, following up regularly to check progress and giving formal recognition to those who do as they've been told. The ESTJ usually prefers to enforce existing policies, rather than to innovate, revise or otherwise introduce unnecessary change into any system. Traditional and conservative, the ESTJ tends to apply a military model to most life situations, preferring linear channels of communication and command and eliminating any disorganization or confusion. In business, education, administration, law enforcement or the military, this type is evident as the outgoing, no-nonsense leader, gratified by the precision of smoothly functioning organizations and the power and control that come with being in charge. While others may charge that this type is sometimes short on feelings and finesse, ESTJs will tell you they express their caring by looking after others' welfare in unemotional ways.

from The Personality Page