Attention: Affordable Home for Auction

Home #9, 3 BR, 1.5BA
May 30, 2024 10am

Mosaic Commons has a rare opportunity for you to bid on a 3 BR, 1.5 BA home available through the state’s 40B affordable housing program. To bid on the home you need to qualify for the 40B process. We recommend also starting to get pre-approval for a mortgage. Please contact us if you are hoping to bid so that we know you are coming and can help you through the process.

More information on the auction is available at the auctioneers' website.

We can offer tours of similar homes if you have not yet visited us. You may also look at the floor plan (small 3 bedroom) for this home.

Mosaic Commons Cohousing is part of a global movement to create community and leave isolation behind. Our homes are built on just 12 acres, leaving undeveloped forest, meadows, and nearly 30 acres of deeded conservation land.

Designed for a balance of  privacy and community, we have 34 homes and a common house. The neighborhood is designed for an interaction between members, with townhomes clustered around a pedestrian path. Legally a condo association, homes are private, porches are shared, backyards are semi-private.

We are 20 minutes from Worcester and 6 minutes from the nearest grocery store. We are only minutes away from Interstates 495 and 290.  We have a sweet locally owned farm within walking distance.

The homes are super-insulated and have triple pane windows to be environmentally conscious.

We intentionally chose small home interiors, with large (8’ deep) shared porches. With the environment in mind, we used 10 inch deep insulated exterior walls and 27 inch roof, and triple pane windows.

How We Live Together

  • By choosing to live in cohousing neighbors commit to being part of a community for the benefit of all residents.
  • Mosaic Commons Cohousing aims to facilitate a culture of sharing and caring.
  • Mosaic Commons is a community of individuals who recognize that community takes investment of time, skill, and treasure.
  • Mosaic members strive to support each other in discussions about and implementation of shared values.
  • Decision making is based on consensus and tries to make decisions for the good of our larger community.
  • Mosaic Members typically adopt environmentally informed approaches to living.
  • We work hard to assume good intent on the part of our neighbors.
  • People who live here agree to address conflicts and engage in conflict resolution.