Diana, John, Andy, Ian & Colton

Diana: I live with my husband John and our three sons: twins Andrew and Ian (born 2000 and currently attending Amherst and Vassar College respectively) and Colton (born 2002 and attending high school at Tahanto). I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in social work, and I currently work as a trainer and curriculum developer at Cloudera. In my (ha ha!) free time, I enjoy reading (science fiction and mysteries), walking, movies (mostly chick flicks) and photography. I've known about cohousing for years, but I found out about Mosaic from Catya in 2000, and started getting involved in 2002. Almost a decade ago I did an exercise in which I envisioned my life-as-it-should-be and found that it centered around having children and living in community. I have the children; now I'm here in Mosaic realizing the rest of my vision. ENTJ.



John R.: I'm a freelance writer, marketing consultant, and sometime novelist. I live with Diana and our sons Andy, Ian and Colton. I've been in Mosaic since 2002. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, messing with old cars, and making music. The thing I like best about living in Mosaic is having my kids grow up in a friendly, supportive neighborhood.