Indoors: Common House Room Teams

Send to [room] to get in touch with the team for a specific common house room.

Here are the lists as of October 2010 and who is on them:

bathrooms: Sophie, Ellen
fitness: Sophie, Ellen, Ed, John B., John R., Mariama, Sandy
great-room: Beezy, Sophie, Cat, Mary (2014)
hallways-downstairs: Rich
hallways-upstairs: Sophie, Dave, Ellen, Mary, Noel
hobby-rooms: Sophie, Diana
kids-room: Ellen, Karen, Rich
kitchen: Cat, Noel, Jesse, Dot, Pat (2014)
living-room: Sophie, Dave, Ellen, Noel, Perley
laundry-room: Sophie, Cat, San, Sarah (2014)
multipurpose-room: Sophie, Dave, Bob
music-room: Sophie, Kim, Dave, John R., Karen, Ken, Sandy

People who want to volunteer to take on projects to make permanent or hard-to-remove changes in common spaces, such as drilling holes or mounting shelves, should:

(a) consult with the Common Resources Team and the room team for that space (if one exists), to make sure that project is consistent with plans for that space

(b) present a plan for funding

(c) post a drawing or other visual aid for the project in the space and send a note about it to the list. Give the community a week to react, then either post a revised proposal or proceed.