Neighboring Fund

Ross, Judy, Sandy

Mandate for the Neighboring Fund

1. The Neighboring Fund team is a standing team responsible for

A - Soliciting money for a Neighboring Fund as needed.
- Notifying the community about how to apply for funds.
- Reserving the right to offer funds without an application.
- Receiving requests and managing the distribution of the funds.

B. The Neighboring Fund will be used to support members of Mosaic in paying for meals, hobby room stays and other community activities as deemed relevant by this team.

C. The collection of the Neighboring Fund will be included in the Meals accounting. Distributing funds to other programs, once the distribution is decided, will be arranged between the bookkeepers.

D. There will be no public notice of who receives funds, although the amount of money distributed will be made public.

E. Distribution of money will be decided by the team and given as grants to recipients. The team will be given discretion about whether more than one grant can be offered in any given year.

2. There will be three or four members who will administrate the fund. At least one will be a bookkeeper and at least one will be an at large member of the community. Team members will be chosen by the Team, with announcement of membership or changes in it to be announced to Plenary.

3. Team decisions are made by consensus of the team. Most work of the team will be done by email.

4. Monies for this fund will be collected by free will donation. No additional funds will be used from the budget.

5. They will communicate with the community by email and/or by announcement at General Meeting. There will be a yearly statement of funds collected and distributed.

6. The team will work in conjunction with the bookkeepers from meals and the community.

7. The team will make independent decisions on who receives funds, timing of solicitations for funds and application forms (if relevant).