Outdoors: Garden


1. The Garden team is a standing team responsible for the community vegetable and herb gardens. This team is under the "Dirt" umbrella along with the Landscaping Team and Fruit Team and coordinates with those teams around land-use at Mosaic Commons.

Garden Tasks:
* Plan and maintain the vegetable and herb gardens
* Set best practices and rules for the vegetable and herb gardens, post them for reference, and be available to teach people about them
** Per the HOA Declaration of Trust, the gardens are managed with "biorational" methods; specifics are determined by the Garden Team
* Allocate community-tended plots and household-tended plots in the vegetable garden
* Elicit input from the community about what to plant in the vegetable and herb gardens
* Let the community know when, where, and how to harvest vegetables and herbs
* Provide soil amendments for the garden
* Manage the compost piles, determining what goes in them, and when they are ready for use
** Coordinate with the Landscaping Team about the yard-waste compost piles
* Determine where garden tools should be kept, in conjunction with the Landscaping Team
* Develop long-term plans for land-use, in conjunction with other Dirt Teams and the community as a whole

2. Members are chosen by self-selection and are re-affirmed yearly.

3. Team decisions are made by consensus or by another method consensed on within the team.

4. The Garden Team has an annual budget, determined as part of the MC budget process. The Garden team may transfer money between its budget and that of the Landscaping team or Fruit team, if members of both teams agree to the transfer.

5. The team will issue reports to the plenary at least twice a year about the tasks and projects which were accomplished over the past 6 months and about upcoming plans.

6. The Garden team works in conjunction with other teams:
* the Landscaping Team and Fruit Team re tools and equipment, land use, and other shared areas of interest.
* the Chicken Club, to coordinate use of space around the chicken coop and strategies for handling and use of chicken manure.

7. Power Levels
* The Garden Team has Power level 3 (may post a tentative decision) for:
** making significant changes to the community vegetable garden
* The team can make independent decisions (Power level 4) about:
** spending money up to the limit of the team's annual budget;
** all other team-related tasks.

8. The Garden team accepts input from people not on the team by email, personal contact, filling out posted surveys, etc. The team can establish a deadline for input on an issue.

9. Any community member can be on the Garden email list, but only those self-declared Garden members can participate in team decisions.