Indoors: Laundry

Team: Jonathan (Coordinator), San, Sarah, Sophie, Catya

Mandate for the Laundry Room Team

1. The common house Laundry Room Team is a standing team responsible for equipping the laundry room, organizing it, and keeping it stocked. The team is responsible for setting policy on care of the machines and the space, and making sure that maintenance and repairs are taken care of.

2. Members are chosen by self-selection.

3. Team decisions are made by agreement/lack of dissent, typically over email. Repair decisions are made within the team and then approved by BNG. Purchase decisions are made within the team and then approved by Common Resources.

4. This team does not currently have an annual budget.

5. Reports to the plenary are issued as needed, including machine status and reminder of the rules.

6. The Laundry Room Team works with the teams named above, plus the Hobby Room Team and hosts about guest linens and Great Room and Meals Teams about meal-related laundry.

7. The Laundry Room Team can make decisions at power level 4 (may decide on its own) about policies for the room and supplies to be provided, and works with BNG and Common Resources at a joint level 4 about machine repairs and purchases.

(Power Levels:

8. Community members can email the team at


Note re budget:
Detergent, bleach, vinegar and other supplies are covered through the Common House Supplies line, repairs through the Maintenance line, and purchases through Cohousing Reserves.

Other team documents:
2016 Laundry Room Guidelines:…