Snow Team

The Snow Team has been formed to help the community keep the pathways and parking lots clearer and safer. The snow team will ensure that the pathway across the field to the septic meter, which is read daily by a third party, is maintained, and will handle the maintenance of any community snow blowers.The snow team will also creatively troubleshoot if new issues related to snow and ice arise, and help communicate issues to Sawyer Hill Liaison to the Plowing Contractor.

What kind of team we are: Standing (seasonal)
How members are chosen: Self-selection &/or invitation
How team decisions are made: Consensus
Where we get our funding and what it covers: Normal yearly budget process.
Budget for routine maintenance and replacement of non-powered snow equipment (shovels, Ice scrapers and extended car scrapers, oil and gas for the snowblower ) from co-housing budget. Snowblower major repairs and replacement to come from HOA Maintenance Budget.
To whom we report, when, and how: Plenary via email and/or General Meeting
We work in conjunction with: Sawyer Hill Trustees.
Power Level: Power level 4 for policy decisions like creating the exact framework for volunteers to take ownership of a certain run of path, budgeting and actual work we do on a snowy day or week.
How people can reach us or give us feedback and input: By email, please, so we have a record of it.