Tech / Website

Members: Tim, Dave, Dwight, Cat, Ellen, Noel, Perley
(email team)


The Tech/Website team manages the Mosaic Commons website and Common House computing resources. These include but are not limited to:

* mailing lists
* and and related websites (,, wiki, etc.)
* common house wifi
* intro database for sales contacts
* decision log database and website
* Google calendars for Mosaic events and common house reservations

Decisions about content are often guided by Marketing, Finance and other teams.

Team Resources

Tech/Website is allocated a line item in the Mosaic Commons Cohousing Group 2010 budget. While this does not meet our full expenses, we will continue making up the shortfall with donations through 2010, and will submit a revised budget for the 2011 budgeting cycle.
Team Decisions

The Tech/Website team has authority to make any and all technical decisions necessary to keep Mosaic-related systems running securely and reliably. These decisions may include network access, hardware provisioning, and choosing and configuring software packages.

Members of the team have autonomy to make decisions, on their own if necessary, to resolve emergency incidents. These may include but are not limited to security issues, software vulnerabilities, network and power outages, or hardware failures. When an incident has been resolved and no longer presents an immediate emergency, the team will report back to the group and will address whether a long-term change is needed.

The team does not have authority over individual households, including Internet access choices or technical support.

The team does not have the authority to make decisions that affect the way community members communicate with one another, including choosing or changing mailing list systems or website services. An emergency incident may, however, override these concerns (requiring, e.g., moderating a mailing list in the event of spam, taking list archives offline temporarily, disabling access to some systems in the event of a security advisory). The team will report on such emergency incidents as described above.