Mosaic Commons Condominium Trust is managed primarily by a board of six trustees, who are elected via consensus at an annual meeting every fall, and serve three year terms.

Team Membership: see HOA / Condo Docs

Mosaic Commons and Camelot Cohousing (our sister neighborhood) together form Sawyer Hill, which is represented by Sawyer Hill Condominium Trust. This board also consists of six trustees, three from each of the two neighborhoods. The Sawyer Hill Trustees serve 1 year terms and are elected via a consensus process within each neighborhood association.


  • 1. The Mosaic Commons Trustees team is a standing team responsible for the governance of the Mosaic Commons HOA, in accordance with the MC condominium documents, and for the management of certain matters for the Mosaic Commons Cohousing group, as directed by the Cohousing plenary. This work is broken into several areas, all of which apply to the HOA and Cohousing group unless otherwise noted:

    • Finance

      • Run the annual budget processes
      • Manage, and have signatory authority on, all bank accounts
      • Interact with banks on finance and mortgage issues
      • Oversee the Bookkeeper
      • Collect dues
      • Pay bills and handle reimbursements
      • Propose and apply fiscal policies (e.g. Sliding Scale; Rollover budget) []
      • Manage Reserves
    • Legal matters for the HOA
      • Negotiate and sign contracts on behalf of the HOA
      • Engage lawyer(s) as and when needed
      • Handle lawsuits
      • File and maintain copies of legal documents
      • Handle items required by MC Master Deed and Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
    • HOA annual meeting
      • Set date and agenda items (power level 3)
      • Keep minutes
    • Buildings
      • Manage use of common facilities (e.g. renting of Common House)
      • Track rentals of other HOA-owned spaces
      • Approve exterior changes and structural interior changes to buildings, as well as any new structures
        • Note: the condo docs and cohousing policies require neighbor approval for some changes
      • Track legally-required and licensed preventive maintenance tasks (e.g. grease traps; sprinkler testing)
        • Note: other maintenance tasks are coordinated by BnG (Buildings and Grounds team)
    • Relations
      • Be the default first point of inbound contact for the outside world (e.g. fire chief)
      • Handle political relations/negotiations, in conjunction with Steering
      • Handle public relations, in conjunction with Steering
      • Interface with Camelot and the Sawyer Hill HOA
      • Track room usage covered by the Guest Reservation Policy in conjunction with the Concierge.
      • Emergency powers as defined by the plenary.
  • 2. (per the condo docs) There are 6 Mosaic Commons Trustees, who serve staggered 3-year terms (starting/ending at HOA meetings). Trustees are chosen by approval of the Mosaic Commons HOA at the annual HOA meeting in the late Fall. Efforts must be made for 2 of the Trustees to be from 40B units.
    • Additional community members may participate on the team as Adjunct Trustees. Adjunct Trustees are chosen by the elected Trustees, and ratified by a decision of the cohousing group for one-year renewable terms. The team can decide internally how to work with such ad hoc members.
  • 3. Team decisions are made by consensus of the team, or in accordance with team-internal process for making decisions.
  • 4. This team has control over the entire MC HOA budget except the maintenance line-item, which is shared with BnG. It also manages some line-items in the Cohousing budget, including "misc.", reserves, and items not otherwise assigned to a specific team.
  • 5. Reports to the plenary are issued monthly by email and/or at General Meetings, and include an overview of the work the team is doing. Team minutes are also available on the Wiki. Separate minutes are kept for HOA items vs. Cohousing items.
  • 6. The MC Trustees work in conjunction with Sawyer Hill Trustees on HOA issues that affect both Mosaic Commons and Camelot, with BnG on maintenance-related issues, and with the Steering Team on public and political relations.
  • 7. The MC Trustees team is required to get approval from the plenary for major changes to fiscal policies and changes to its mandate (power level 2). In all other areas listed in section 1, the MC Trustees can make independent decisions (power level 4) unless otherwise noted. If, in the Trustees judgement, a decision will greatly impact the community (such as approving a significant external change to a building), the decision will be brought the plenary.
  • 8. The MC Trustees accepts input from people not on the team by email to and by personal contact. The team will keep the community informed about how quickly to expect a response. This process is defined in the Trustees "Process for MC Trustees Proposals and Decision-making" which is available on the wiki.