Unit #29

Home for Sale


Mosaic Commons has a 2 BR, 1.5 BA home for sale through the state 40B affordable housing program. (Photo of house)


Here is the listing with the real estate agent.


It’s the Berlin, MA  property for $192,255.


Here is the floor plan of the home


For info on 40B and the home contact agent.

For a tour of the community contact info@Mosaic-commons.org


Note that the home goes to the first qualified family that fills out the application, so if you might be interested you should start the paperwork right away.


Mosaic Commons Cohousing offers:

  • Bold, innovative designs that stand out for their aesthetic appeal

and intelligent use of space.

  • Use of high quality, energy efficient construction materials,

reducing costs for heating, cooling, and maintenance after move in, as

well as a reduced impact on the environment. 

  • Units incorporate the use of low or no VOC materials.


About our cohousing community

  • Find details about Mosaic at www.mosaic-commons.org
  • Buying a house in cohousing is like buying a house with an extra room, but the room is not attached to your house; it's in the common house which has a kids room, a living room with TV, laundry, workout room, bike storage.
  • We also have a large kitchen and great room for shared meals a few times a week.
  • 25+ wooded acres in conservation among beautiful hills with orchards and horse farms nearby, yet with easy access to shopping and I-495 and I-290 highways.



Sawyer Hill EcoVillage is comprised of two cohousing neighborhoods, Mosaic Commons and Camelot Cohousing. Cohousing is a modern style of residential neighborhood in which some resources are shared in common by the residents. Each family owns their home, as well as a share of the common facilities, which include things like playing fields and gardens. Our community values green space, a safe, healthy environment for our children and conservation of our natural resources. 

The cohousing development model began in Denmark during the late 1960s, and has since become a mainstream housing option in that country. This innovative neighborhood design crossed the Atlantic in the late 1980s, and over 50 successful communities have built all over the United States since that time, with many others that have purchased land and are in the development process. 

There are ten completed cohousing communities in Massachusetts and at least two others in the development or construction phase. Read more about Cohousing https://www.cohousing.org/